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McCoy Buck

Animator - Producer - Instructor

Animation Reel


Testimonials from three of many students enrolled McCoy's online courses

"EXCELLENT! I am using Anime Studio Debut and have been using the software for a while, but from taking this course, I have realized that I haven't been using the software to its full potential. This course gives you a very thorough run-down of tools and actions that make your animations easier and much better looking."

"Excellent introductory course. I like how the basics were introduced with just enough information to get started. This course will give the novice user of Anime Studio Pro a sound foundation to build upon as they get more familiar with this great animation app."

"Amazing course! Very practical and helpful! I finished this course with the feeling that I am now an expert on Designing characters on Anime Studio! I strongly recommend anyone to do this course!"


Born and cooked in Arizona

McCoy is an Associate Producer at CLEAVER Creative. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, McCoy is a talented character animator, character designer, illustrator, storyboard artist and producer. With skills and experience in pre-production and post production he has done training videos for some of Googles biggest clients. Along with the skills of animation, one of the biggest things McCoy enjoys most is teaching and helping others become more proficient in the production process.

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